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"Jaimie Alexander" For Blindspot Season 3

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"Jaimie Alexander" For Blindspot Season 3 - bigrushin.comJaimie Alexander was all stripes and smiles when she visited BUILD Series to discuss her role in the Blindspot premiere of Season 3. The actress didn't fail in making everyone in the audience laugh while dishing out on her experience on set. Some of the stories she told included her 8-hour makeup routine, suffering concussions and broken noses on set and doing push-ups with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In one of the incidents she described, Alexander had to go to a hospital where she was given only Tylenol, and then she went straight back to work -- like a true hero!

The actress later shared that she once even offered to shave her head for the role on "Blindspot 123movies" which the producers denied. Judging by the way she pulls off all of those tattoos, though, something tells us that she could totally have rocked a buzzcut!

Alexander's most interesting revelation came towards the end of the show, when she revealed to Build that she is terrified of scary movies -- especially clowns, which she attributes to her mom dressing her up as a clown when she was little.

"I don't like clowns, and my mom was like, 'I used to dress you as a clown on Halloween all the time,' and I was like, 'Well, that explains it!'"

To quote Bob Dylan’s poetic lyrics, it seems that in Hollywood, ‘the times they are a changin’“. One of the actresses leading the charge for stronger and more complex female roles is Jaimie Alexander. Whether it is exploring female identity in the hit NBC series, Blindspot putlocker, or defending the galaxy as Lady Sif in Marvel’s Thor franchise, Alexander is proving that women are more than ready to take on the challenge.

A self-proclaimed people watcher and daydreamer, it seemed only apt that Alexander was chosen to portray the intriguing character of Jane Doe in Blindspot watch free movies online free. Discovered in unusual circumstances, hidden in a duffle bag in Times Square, stripped of her memory and intricately covered in cryptic tattoos, the series follows her quest to uncover who she really is. Drawing on her own experiences and those around her, Alexander refused to be overwhelmed by a character with such a blank slate. “I find inspiration in everything and everyone. I’m very open to the life that is happening around me. I portray Jane by using my own empathy and compassion. For me, it’s about being relatable.”

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