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The Most Mind-Blowing Moments Revealed in RHONJ

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The Most Mind-Blowing Moments Revealed in RHONJ
The Most Mind-Blowing Moments Revealed in RHONJ OMG! Indeed, even the greatest 'Genuine Housewives of New Jersey' fans couldn't have predicted the dramatization the emitted on the Nov. 6 get-together extraordinary. It was unstable, lamentable and amid a few minutes, entirely difficult. Be that as it may, in the event that you missed it, we set up together a rundown of the 10 greatest takeaways. See them beneath!

1. Joe Gorga "has a pretty dick," as per Andy Cohen. Viewers may have seen the controlled rendition of Joe getting in the shower this season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, yet Andy had entry to the NSFW form. Good for him!

2. Dolores got butt embeds subsequent to recording wrapped. "They removed fat from [my thighs] and place it in my butt," she said.

3. Joe Giudice is taking his GED while in jail, and he wants to attend a university when he gets out.

4. Teresa has no second thoughts about being talented a Lexus upon her discharge from prison, despite the fact that she owed the administration heaps of cash. At the point when Andy inquired as to whether she understands how terrible that looked when she could have gone out and bought a much less expensive Ford, she said, "Would YOU drive a Ford?" Dolores' jaw hit the floor.

5. Teresa "would love to see [Danielle Staub] return" to the show. With respect to her motivation behind why — "I need her to return to assault you," Teresa told Jacqueline.

6. Jacqueline's girl Ashlee contrasted Teresa with a chimp on Twitter after Teresa asserted Jacqueline was "disfigured" amid a meeting this season.

7. Joe Gorga was 9 years of age when he lost his virginity, and Teresa knows this since she "strolled in on" the demonstration. Ew!

8. Teresa demands Jacqueline was included in excursion Melissa as a stripper. "You were!" Teresa said. What's more, Teresa appeared to have indoctrinated Melissa since she concurred. "Your hands are not spotless," Melissa hollered at Jacqueline before including, "You are the one that did not show up the following day [for the 2011 Season 3 get-together special] … which makes me think there was blame, that you were feeling regretful."

9. Teresa blamed Jacqueline for being a stripper since let's be honest when difficulties arise, that is Teresa's fallback. "What was your stripper name? Is it accurate to say that it was Amber? The Most Mind-Blowing Moments Revealed in RHONJ On the other hand, would it say it was Alana? Alternately was it Fruit Loops?" Teresa pondered so anyone might hear before saying, "You were a stripper, and you were attempting to say [Melissa] was a stripper when she wasn't — let it be known!"

10. Teresa not just reprimanded Jacqueline for offering that 2011 newspaper anecdote about her going to imprison (the one they examined on Jacqueline's back deck), however, she likewise demanded that it was a set-up that prompted to her possible 11-month imprison stretch. "You composed that anecdote about prison." Then, when Teresa told Jacqueline she lies, Jacqueline shot back, "You went to imprison for lying — 41 tallies of imposter extortion." But that is not all. Things just got crazier starting now and into the foreseeable future. "I pled blameworthily … [but] YOU set me up," Teresa hollered. "In my gut, it was it is possible that you or you and Caroline set me up. You were behind everything, calling the administration, everything … I'm so upbeat I got that out into the open. I do trust that." (No remark.) The Most Mind-Blowing Moments Revealed in RHONJ

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